Legacy Cheer and Dance – Competition Policies


Legacy Cheer and Dance Rules & Guidelines

Legacy Cheer and Dance events follow USASF/IASF safety rules and guidelines for cheer and dance. There are a few minor exceptions, in order to accommodate the international community.  Coaches are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules prior to competition. Penalties are assessed for out of division and/or safety violations according to the Legacy Cheer & Dance scoring system.

Click for USASF/IASF Rules View the USASF/IASF Glossary

These rules are updated regularly by USASF/IASF.  Note that Legacy has slight variations for the All Star Prep divisions, as clarified in the All Star Prep section of this website. The glossary is also included in this document and is critical to establish understanding the AllStar Cheer rules, definitions, and how they are interpreted.

View the USASF/IASF Dance Rules & Glossary


Legality Queries

All legality queries should be submitted to the IASF (International All-Star Federation) for official rulings.
For an official ruling please contact IASF at the appropriate email below:
Dance Queries: dance.rules@iasfworlds.com
Cheer Queries: cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com
Videos submitted for rules queries must follow the legality query protocol and submission guidelines as a requirement to receive a response. REMEMBER: Every email should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
Coaches wishing to query any out of division penalties on site at a Legacy event based on an official IASF ruling will be required to provide the video and official ruling at the On Point Scoring (OPS) table. Specifically, this is a direct email from cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com or dance.rules@IASFworlds.com (not a forwarded email). Remember, official IASF rulings are made based on the skill as performed in your video, and any change in execution later may lead to a different ruling.

For additional competition policies (payment procedures, refund policies, etc.) click here.


For Legacy Cheer and Dance Division Offering and Age Grid Information

Click here for Dance Divisions.

Click here for All-Star Cheer Divisions.

Click here for All-Star Prep (Community/School Cheer) Divisions.

Click here for Stunt Group Divisions.

AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: DUE TO VARIANCES IN THE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY MAKE-UP AND SPECIFIC INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT NEEDS, THE ALL-STAR PREP DIVISIONS FOR LEGACY ARE NOT THE SAME AS USASF DEFINED ALL-STAR PREP DIVISIONS.  In general, Legacy’s all-star prep divisions are a combination of school and community programmes. Please review the details in the Division Guidelines and Age Grids (below on this page) for definitions, restrictions, rule variations, and links to applicable discounts for schools.




Legacy Cheer & Dance now offers a more simplified registration deadline system. There is one deadline for each event. The only exception to this for the 17-18 Season is the Super Early Bird discount available in October for the Live Your Legacy International Championships.

After the Registration deadline has passed for any given event, no additional entries will be permitted. Please plan accordingly.

Registration is not complete until it is submitted and THE INVOICE IS FULLY PAID. In order to reach designated deadlines, online registration must be complete, submitted, and invoice paid in full no later than the deadline noted for the specific competition in question.

Deadlines for each competition date are noted on the private pricing page for that particular event, and are not listed publicly. This allows programmes to collect their fees in their own model without confusion or questioning from parents about when it is actually due.

Registrations are submitted only through your Cheer Comp Genie (aka CCG) account. If you have never used CCG before, you will need to create your own account first. If you need help getting started, here is a Quick Start Guide to help you learn how to easily upload your rosters, build your teams, etc.


Payment can be made by BACS, Credit Card*, PayPal*, or Cheque* (*Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques, and additional fees apply to non-Bacs payments.)  Full payment information will be available upon registration and invoice. Simply click your preferred method of payment when you submit your registration and bank details will pop up. They are also available on your CCG dashboard and here:

BACS direct transfer are preferred and are free.:

NatWest account for Legacy Cheer and Dance Ltd.

Account Number: 31295525

Sort Code: 56-00-46

Please issue remittance advice when possible.

VAT Number:  204497218

  • Paypal and Credit Card payments incur an additional 3% fee. (Remember, BACS is free)
  • Company Cheques incur an additional £10 fee. If you must pay by cheque, DO NOT mail to the Croydon address for Legacy. Instead, payments must be mailed to the payments department for proper credit at:

Legacy Cheer and Dance, Processing Dept.

4 Bradbury Ave

Altrincham, Cheshire

WA14 4LS

  • If you are a University or school, or your funding method may take longer for approval, please email us now to let us know in advance so we can discuss and help you avoid the automatic fees with advanced approval.
  • If you are a school or are discount eligible, email us after you submit your registration but before you issue payment so we can verify and issue your invoice.

If you have any questions about your invoice, please call us or email us immediately to avoid delay and we will be happy to assist you. Once your registration is paid and confirmed, you will be added to the competing order and receive updates throughout the days leading up to the competition at this email address.

In the meantime, if you have any further queries you are welcome to contact us on 0207.993.2228 or via email at hello@legacycheeranddance.com. We will be happy to assist you.

Additional Notes and Policies: 

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

  • Payments must be received in order for the team to be included in the Performance Order. If a team is not paid IN FULL by, the team will not be posted on the schedule.
  • Please allow up to 7 business for us to post your BACS payments to your CCG account. Don’t worry if you’ve sent payment and don’t yet see it in your profile for a few days:  As long as your payment arrives to Legacy by the deadline, we will be able to verify your entry and add your team(s) to the schedule. This can take up to 7 days on the larger deadlines.
  • Crossover rates apply from team to team only, and do not include stunt group entries.
  • Spectator tickets may be purchased through the coach as a pre-order, or online as an individual after pre-order deadlines. Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to others attending the same event.
  • Returned cheques will incur a £25 admin fee, plus any additional fees that accompany missed registration deadlines. 

Payments must be received in order for the team to be included in the Performance Order. If a team is not paid IN FULL by, the team will not be posted on the schedule.

Even teams who have already paid and are included on the schedule can (and do) have changes that may result in additional balances due. These fees are due immediately upon submission, as they can often be last minute. Teams with any balance due may not compete, and partial payments may be forfeited. Please plan accordingly. Eligible emergency roster additions that happen at the event must be paid on-the-day via cash or credit card with 3% fee. 

Please ensure the accuracy of your entry. Accidentally entering the wrong division, forgetting a team or athlete, etc. can be either impossible to change, or costly and/or time consuming for everyone.  Even when a registration is still changeable, additional fees are most often incurred to cover the additional admin time.

Please allow up to 7 business for us to post your BACS payments to your CCG account.   As long as your payment arrives to Legacy by the deadline, we will include your team(s) in the schedule, even if you don’t yet see your payment posted on your CCG account. Our bank details are listed in the Payment Methods section of this page, and on your CCG dashboard. 

Crossover rates apply from team to team only, and do not include stunt group entries.

Spectator tickets may be purchased through the coach as a pre-order, or online as an individual after pre-order deadlines. Tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to others attending the same event. See delivery methods section on this page for more details.

Returned cheques will incur a £25 admin fee, plus any additional fees that accompany missed registration deadlines. 


Your CCG account allows for easy submissions and changes that you can do on your own. Here are the Legacy protocols for building, editing, and submitting your registrations. Also below are the protocol for when you have changes AFTER you’ve submitted a registration:

The Save Button: This allows you to save a registration you are working on without a commitment to enter or pay. Use this button in your CCG account until you are sure that you have accurately placed your teams and athletes the way you want them for a given event.

The Submit Button: This button is your commitment to enter the event as listed and to pay in full as entered. Do NOT click submit until you have checked your divisions, teams, and athletes for accuracy. When you click submit, you will be directed to select your method of payment, with additional bank details included. i.e., it triggers your invoice. Remember, You can click Save all day long until you are ready, but Submit=Commit.


I have a roster change and need to add or delete athletes:

Legacy cannot issue changes via email or phone requests. However, you’ll be happy to know changes to an existing registration are easy to make on your own and they don’t incur any additional admin fees this way. To make changes, simply login to your CCG profile and click Modify from the dashboard.
Then, find the registered team you want to make changes to and click to open/expand it. From there, you can see the division and athletes to edit.
Click Modify Athlete and make the add/delete as needed. 
When you are happy with your edits, click Submit and then scroll down to checkout and confirm (even if you are just swapping athletes and no charges will apply). That’s it!

Ooops! I entered the wrong division and want to change it:

Divisions are locked at the registration deadlines. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have entered the correct division at the time of entry. Double check! You can change your division all the way up to the registration deadline, as long as the team meets the age/team size criteria.  Division change requests after the registration deadline will be subject to review and largely not allowed. Even if a request is granted in extreme circumstance, a minimum division change fee of £125 will be due in order to issue the change. 

I submitted my registration, but now I want to withdraw my team prior to the registration deadline:

  • If you’ve already paid, and you send us your withdraw request prior to the registration deadline, you’ll receive a 100% refund or transfer to another Legacy event this season, whichever you prefer.
  • If you have not yet paid, but you send us your withdraw request prior to the registration deadline, we will void your invoice and you will have a zero balance.

I submitted my registration, but now I want to withdraw my team after the registration deadline:

  • Remember, Submit=Commit. If you’ve already paid and we are past the deadline, that means we’ve already frozen rosters, ordered banners, trophies, and/or medals, run schedules, planned schedules, warm up timings, and judge panels, and more. Refunds and transfers are therefore not granted after the registration deadline has passed. 
  • Again, Submit=Commit. Even if a team changes their mind, the entry is still due. If you have a full or partial balance due, and are past the deadline, it is an invoice that is already past due. Withdraw of a team DOES NOT void an invoice and the full balance remains due immediately from the moment it was submitted. Late fees apply and are enforced, even in this case in the following manner: £25/after 7 days, additional £50/after 14 days, additional £100/after 21 days plus £100 each week after that, cumulatively. If you are a University or a programme who has specific payment protocol that may take additional time to process, please contact Legacy IN ADVANCE in writing so we can flag your account and help you avoid these fees whilst in communication with you.

I have an athlete who wants to back out and get a refund:

There are no refunds or transfers for individual athletes who withdraw.  If said athlete wishes to attend as a spectator and there is no replacing athlete, they can use their existing Athlete wristband to access the venue all weekend at no additional charge. Also, athlete substitutions in the event of injury or illness are free, but must be declared on your rosters in CCG. Instructions for that are listed below. If you have a last minute substitution at or very near an event and you are thus unable to make your change in CCG, simply let us know at the warm up desk prior to competing and we are happy to assist you there. If the athlete has been replaced on the roster, the one who withdrew from the event will no longer have access unless they purchase a spectator ticket.

I bought a Spectator Ticket, but can no longer attend:

Spectator tickets are non-refundable upon purchase, but are transferable to others attending the same event. Please plan accordingly.

I bought the wrong session or wrong day of Spectator Ticket:

Don’t worry…The number one rule here is to have FUN, so we’ll help you get sorted. Although we cannot alter existing spectator ticket orders in the system when someone purchased the wrong day or session, we can, however, help you on the day to swap it out for the session/day you actually need. Here’s what to do:
1) Bring a printed copy or phone version of your receipt or any email or screenshot with the original order information on it. If you ordered through your coach, skip this item and keep reading….
2) Bring a printed copy or phone version of this email with you, confirming the exchange has been granted.
3) Simply show up to check in as normal with any Legacy staff member on the door who has an iPad for check in of pre-ordered tickets. Give them your details and ask them to swap out your session, and they will be happy to help you do so.
*** If you pre-ordered in a group team order from your coach, let them distribute your original (wrong) wristband to you. Then, take that un-used and un-damaged wristband to the Legacy staff with iPads (with this letter), and ask them to exchange it for your intended session/day. Used, lost, stolen, or left behind wristbands are not refundable nor replaceable, so treat it like cash.


We had a change of travel plans…

Hotel reservations, Coach reservations, and any other travel related commitments are programme responsibility and are not related to Legacy. They are non-refundable and non-transferable through Legacy, and/or the hotel/coach/airline/train, etc. policies will apply if you change your plans. If you booked via the Greatdays Legacy Concierge programme, their T&Cs will apply.


In the event of a missing/absent member of a team a gym may replace that athlete with another performer from that gym. A replacement is defined as an individual who was not on the team’s original roster taking the place of another athlete at an event. This usually occurs as a result of sudden last minute illness/injury.

If the replacement athlete does not meet the age requirements for that particular division (this includes a coach), then the team is permitted to perform in “exhibition” only. Performing competitively for a team with a replacement member who does not meet division age requirements is not permitted. All appropriate general safety rules and level rules must be followed for the team regardless of the age of performers on the team.

An unplanned replacement of an athlete(s) is limited to 3 performers maximum. Any number that exceeds 3 will result in the team performing in “exhibition” only.


At Legacy Cheer & Dance, all school teams are eligible for a 10% discount applied on invoice at the time of registration under the following conditions:

  • To be eligible for this discount, your team must register as its own entity on the Legacy Online
    Registration System (it cannot be a team listed within an established All-Star programme– the school
    must have its own account).
  • The team must belong to a registered primary or secondary school with the school address, website,
    and a school registered email as the point of contact.
  • This offer does not include universities or prep teams that are part of all-star gyms.

Verification and application of the discount must be done manually through the Legacy office. Your initial registration will display the full price first. If you meet the above qualifications and have registered a team in the AllStar Prep division, simply email us once you submit it in order to flag your upcoming discount. We will apply your qualifying discount to your registration and manually issue your reduced invoice at that time. Please ensure that you register in plenty of time to still meet the deadline if you require this adjustment or manual invoice of any kind.


Legacy Cheer & Dance adheres to USASF Safety Rules for all Cheer Teams.

This includes All-Star, All-Star Prep (School and Community Teams), and Group Stunt divisions.

See the links at the top of this page on the LEGACY CHEER AND DANCE RULES tab for links to rules and glossaries for cheer and dance.


Legality Queries

All legality queries should be submitted to the IASF (International All-Star Federation) for official rulings.
For an official ruling please contact IASF at the appropriate email below:
Dance Queries: dance.rules@iasfworlds.com
Cheer Queries: cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com
Videos submitted for rules queries must follow the legality query protocol and submission guidelines as a requirement to receive a response. REMEMBER: Every email should be answerable with one word, LEGAL or ILLEGAL.
Coaches wishing to query any out of division penalties on site at a Legacy event based on an official IASF ruling will be required to provide the video and official ruling at the On Point Scoring (OPS) table. Specifically, this is a direct email from cheer.rules@iasfworlds.com or dance.rules@IASFworlds.com (not a forwarded email). Remember, official IASF rulings are made based on the skill as performed in your video, and any change in execution later may lead to a different ruling.


29 November, 2017: For Immediate Release

SEN Division Policy Change

From the start of Legacy Cheer and Dance, our SEN teams have competed free of charge, as well as given 1 to 1 allocation of tickets for caretakers. This year, after significant consultation with people directly involved, including parents of SEN athletes, experts in this specific area of our industry, and other related individuals, the decision was made to for Legacy to align with the requests and recommendations of those parties and experts to treat the athlete as much like our non-disabled athletes as possible. The agreed shift in policy meant SEN athletes would pay a discounted (crossover) rate and still have their 1 to 1 caretaker allowance. Financial gain or loss has never been a driver in this policy. It has always been and always will be about doing what is right and modern for our athletes to meet them where they are. 

From the policy update earlier this season came a great deal of public and private conversation. We continue to receive correspondence on both sides of this issue with both extremes represented. In the end, what matters to us is that the athletes experience the sport on their level of ability in all ways. Therefore, the following SEN Division policy change is effective immediately:

Legacy will revert to the original policy in which SEN athletes compete free at Legacy events and also get their 1 to 1 caretaker ticket. For teams who wish to adhere to some version of the protocol where athletes are paying for their competition experience, there are two options:

  1. We welcome teams to make that payment (they choose the amount) via Legacy where 100% of the funds will go to our chosen charity, Guide Dogs, or 
  2. Donations can go to the charity of your choice. 

Donations of any amount are 100% optional and have no bearing on any other aspect of the teams competitive or exhibition experience

Having spoken to many people on this topic, we still believe that our SEN athletes and their families are eager to rise to the occasions for success in many ways and they are prepared to be vested in that. We will continue to review our policies as these divisions grow and evolve. In the meantime, these new options will allow teams to participate at the level they feel is most appropriate to their specific needs and desires. On a personal and professional level, we look forward to continuing our long tradition of supporting SEN athletes every day.

**NOTE: This policy applies for all SEN teams who have already registered and paid. Please contact us and we are happy to extend refund options or the appropriate actions as determined by you.

Special Athlete rosters MUST include ALL SEN performers. Persons on the mat who are non-disabled assistants during the routine should not be listed on the roster. 

Paracheer athletes compete at crossover rates in these divisions, even if this is their first/only entry.  For Paracheer athletes competing in more than one routine and across divisions, the following protocol applies:  Allstar Division= first entry rate, then Paracheer Division= crossover rate. 

Spectator Ticket Allocations for Carers: There is also an allocation of up to 1 free spectator ticket per athlete for carers (this allocation does not include non-disabled athletes). Additional spectator tickets will need to be purchased at regular rates. 

Programmes wishing to register a team in the Special Athlete division or ParaCheer division must do so in the regular online registration system, along with their other teams competing at a given event (if applicable).  All athletes who will be competing on the floor must be listed on the roster.  Once the entry has been submitted, simply email Legacy to issue the credit to your registration invoice prior to payment.  If you have registered a team in the Special Athlete or Paracheer division, please contact Legacy directly to discuss any specific needs for the team and to secure the allocation of your free spectator tickets for the carers.


Some events may have ticket sales issued directly by the venue or a mandated 3rd party ticket company. In those cases, their T&C and procedures will override the standard Legacy protocol. For most events, however, Legacy ticketing protocol applies as follows:

Delivery for Spectator Tickets (purchased individually on this website):

Please note that Spectator Tickets for Legacy Events are NOT sent via post- they could get lost in post or left at home : ) Instead, Legacy Check-In for Spectators is done electronically upon your arrival at the venue. You will receive a barcoded ticket upon purchase via email. For quickest check in on event day. Have your unique event barcode ready for us to scan and your ID ready. We can scan your barcode from your mobile device or you can print it if you like.

Note: If you did not receive your receipt or barcoded ticket, first check your PayPal/bank account to make sure your transaction processed and the money was withdrawn. If that was successful and you still did not receive an email, check your spam folder. If you still don’t see it, it is likely you have a typo in your email address. You are welcome to contact us at the hello email address, however we cannot guarantee an immediate reply/check for those queries, as we may be traveling to/setting up/or running an event. No matter what, we can always assist you upon arrival if you have any further questions about your ticket purchase. 

Group Ordered Spectator Tickets: Coaches who have opted to place a group order for their programme may also order the option to have them posted in advance to their designated location for easy distribution. Posting in advance is optional and must be clicked/purchased along with your group order if that is your preference. They are sent via Royal Mail to your address on file, with tracking for your convenience. They arrive to you about 7-10 days prior to the event. Please note that tickets lost or left behind cannot be honored at the door, so please treat them as cash. If you have any questions about pre-orders and you are the head coach/director of the programme, please contact us- we’re happy to help.  



Legacy Cheer & Dance adheres to Sportsmanship and Spectator Guidelines that all athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters must comply with. Failure to comply with any of the details listed below could result in disqualification with no refund and/or removal from the venue with no refund.

These policies as they pertain to Security and Safety: 

All attendees at Legacy events are expected to fully cooperate with venue staff, security teams, medical teams, and event staff at all times.

Venue security is to be treated respectfully and patiently. Any comments or “jokes” about safety or security of the event or persons will be treated as a direct threat in all circumstances and the patron(s) will be immediately removed without refund, and possible police intervention. 

Venue security policies vary slightly from venue to venue, so be sure to check what is allowed/not allowed for your event in advance. These policies are set and enforced by the venue and security teams, not by Legacy. Whilst we try to pass on all related information via coach updates and spectator packs in advance, if you have any question or need clarification, please visit the venue website or phone them directly.

Absolutely no alcohol will be permitted at Legacy events. Persons attempting to enter a Legacy event with alcohol will have it confiscated by the security team. Persons trying to enter whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be denied entry in all cases, without refund.

These policies as they relate to the Legacy Ethos and Your Own Brand:

At Legacy, we believe your outward behavior is a direct reflection of your own personal brand. It is what you stand for. It is important to recognise that spectator, athlete, and coach behaviour at an event is also a reflection on your programme’s brand. Therefore, Sportsmanship is an expectation at all Legacy Cheer & Dance events. Coaches, athletes, and parents must conduct themselves in ways that honour the sport, the gym/school/programme, their coach, and themselves.

Participants and patrons must refrain from public negative discussion about individuals or programmes. Remember, what is said in the seats, hallways, public areas and online (anonymously or not) is heard by those you are speaking to AND those who you do not realize can hear you. Someone’s parents, cousins, friends, teammate, or otherwise hear what you are saying, so make it positive and kind…or simply opt to remain quiet out of respect and protection of your own reputation and/or your gym brand.

The coach for each squad is ultimately responsible for their squad members, coaches, parents and other persons affiliated with the programme to conduct themselves in an orderly fashion. It is HIGHLY recommended that coaches regularly train athletes, coaching staff, and parents about event conduct and social media policy/expectations for the gym / school / programme. Social media is permanent even after it is deleted. Legacy Cheer & Dance will not monitor this directly during events but WILL expect that participating teams and their supporters conduct themselves online with positive social media interaction only.

All participants and coaching staff members must refrain from using inappropriate language or gestures.

Participating programmes must refrain from using music that contains inappropriate language.

Participating programmes must refrain from handing out gym marketing material or recruiting athletes or coaches in any fashion (verbally, in writing, or otherwise) at all Legacy Cheer & Dance events.

Sportsmanship is a very important aspect for everyone involved at Legacy events, including athletes, coaches, parents, and supporters. It has a direct impact on the overall competition experience of everyone in attendance as well as the overall public impression of our industry. Have fun, be cool, and be kind to each other.


Legacy Photo Policy

Photos and video capture is part of our every day lives. We believe it is an important part of capturing precious memories with friends and loved ones. This includes capturing memories in sport and at Legacy events. Due to the rapidly evolving image capturing technologies, the sheer size and scope of the venues, world wide industry standards, and the ability for fellow attendees to assist in a watchful eye for the benefit and safety of all, the following photo policy is in effect:

Legacy and its security teams do allow for non-commercial pictures and videos to be taken at Legacy events without an attempt to define which specific types of cameras may or may not be used. We do, however, reserve the right to request inspection of images on any camera for any reason, including for the purposes of discernment and measurement against our Child Protection Policy. Shall any audience member witness another photographing athletes or anyone in any questionable format that is potentially un-related to normal practices in capturing memories of the day, there is an obligation to report any potential threat to any Legacy staff member, a hired security person, and/or the event director. Upon inspection of photos in a questionable scenario, if any are deemed inappropriate, outside of the scope of the sport, a threat to health and safety, or a potential violation of the child protection policy at the sole discretion of the Head of Security or the Legacy Event Manager, the photos will be immediately deleted. We reserve the right to simply ask that the camera be put away for the remainder of the event, and we also reserve the right to remove the person from the event entirely, or to call authorities in extreme situations.


All participants must enter divisions in which they are eligible by specified age requirements.

Proof of age for each participant must be available at the competitions at which a participant’s squad performs.

This can be in electronic or hard copy form. The penalty for an eligibility violation and/or failure to provide proof of age for a competitor on the day of an event may be disqualification but will be up to the Legacy Cheer & Dance Event Director.

If a team wishes to challenge eligibility of another team on the day of an event, the following protocol shall apply.
  1. The claim must be made directly to the Legacy Cheer & Dance Event Director.
  2. The team asking for the review will pay a £150 cash only deposit for the review to take place.
  3. The team in question will be approached by the event director and must show legal proof of age for the athlete(s) in question.
  4. If the team in question is deemed to be in compliance with age requirements, they will be given the full £150 deposit for their time and trouble. If the team in question is deemed to have illegal members on the roster, the team making the claim will receive their £150 deposit back in full and the event producer may choose to disqualify or issue significant penalties to the offending team.
  5. Eligibility challenge requests are limited to ONE challenge per  programme per competition season and must address a specific team. Legacy will not review multiple teams within a programme or “general claims”. Specific concerns must be cited for reviews to be granted.
  6. Decisions regarding eligibility challenges are to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and are at the sole discretion of the Legacy Cheer & Dance Event Director. All decisions are final.

Tiny Novice team routines are limited to a max 1 minute 30 seconds (1:30). Penalties occur for over-time routines.

All Star Prep team routines are limited to a max 2 minutes. (2:00). Penalties occur for over-time routines.

All other Team routines (Dance and All-Star Cheer) are limited to a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds (2:30) maximum. Penalties occur for over-time routines.

All Stunt Group and Partner Stunt routines are listed to 1 minute 15 seconds (1:15) maximum. Penalties apply for over-time routines.

Legacy will not enforce a minimum time frame, although it should be noted that it will be very difficult to cover scoresheet criteria if the routine is too short. The determination of that time frame is left to coaches to determine, regardless of any minimums that USASF may place on minimum times.


Regarding Copyright and Licensing Use: Legacy Cheer and Dance HIGHLY recommends the use of music that has been cleared and approved for use as you have mixed for your routine(s), specifically for the purpose of being fully compliant with the law. Legacy does not have any control over the content of your music, nor does it possess the authority or interest to police it. This responsibility remains solely on the programme owner and/or persons who have provided the music. Programmes by way of competing and opting to play their music at a Legacy event are also fully releasing any and all liability specific to their own music and its rights or lack thereof. If you have any questions concerning your music, we suggest consulting a music attorney. You may also find it helpful to review this informational webinar as a general overview.

To the fullest extent of the law, registered Programmes and all its affiliates, supporters, and competitors shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Legacy Cheer and Dance Ltd, its officers, employees, agents, representatives, consultants, and contractors from and against any and all loss, costs, penalties, fines, damages, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees) or liabilities arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with the services contemplated by the Registration Agreement and written Competition Policies, including but not limited to a programme’s choice of music.

Regarding protocol at an Event:  All contestants who use music must provide their own CDs or iPODS/MP3 device for use on the event provided sound system. Please bring TWO good quality copies of your music to the event. CDs or iPODS/MP3 PLAYERS ONLY!  No iPod Shuffles are allowed.  No tapes are allowed. Music must be recorded at the correct tempo on a good quality CD or loaded onto an iPOD/MP3 device. Music must be labeled with the gym/school name, and division name and be cued, ready to play. One or several selections may be used. A sound system will be provided at the event venue. Speed control is not available.

One (1) representative of your group/individual will be responsible for running the music during the competition. This representative MUST know how to use the iPod, iPhone, or MP3 player on which the music is stored without assistance.

No food or drink is permitted near the sound desk area.

The music representative for all teams MUST remain at the sound area throughout the entire performance. This person will be asked to hold onto their own music until the time of performance and to take music back following the performance. In the event a routine is delayed due to operator error, timing of your routine will continue. No unnecessary team members, parents etc. are allowed at the music table.

In the event that a routine fails to start on their appointed time for any reason (i.e.- representative cannot find the track or brings the wrong track to the music desk), they will have the option to perform immediately to 8-count music, count out loud, or withdraw from the competition. If 8-count music is selected, it may or may not be an option to select specific BPM.




Delay of competition due to music representatives being unprepared is not allowed. In the event that a routine fails to start on the appointed time for any reason (i.e.- representative cannot find the track or brings the wrong track to the music desk), they will have the option to resolve it within 30 seconds or perform immediately to Legacy provided 8-count music, count out loud, or withdraw from the competition. If 8-count music is selected as the option, it may or may not be an option to select specific BPM on site.


If a routine is interrupted due to music interruption for any reason after 2 (two) 8-counts, the routine will not be eligible for a re-performance unless the cause can be determined to be Legacy equipment failure. IF PLAYING MUSIC ON IPODS OR PHONE, PUT PHONE ON AIRPLANE MODE, TURN OFF ALL ALARMS, AND DO NOT HOLD THE DEVICE IN HAND WHILE IT PLAYS. This will prevent the vast majority of music failures mid-routine.

Note: routine interruptions due to Injury are treated differently than musical interruptions. See the tab titled ROUTINE INTERRUPTION DUE TO INJURY for information.

Final decisions relating to routine interruption are at the discretion of the Legacy Cheer & Dance Event Director. All decisions are final.


Routine stops may only take place for injury in which an athlete cannot safely continue. See criteria below for specifics on the parameters for routine interruption. Any routine interrupted for reasons not related to actual injury may not be eligible to re-perform at the sole discretion of the Event Director, Arena Director, or Head Judge.

The only individuals that may stop a routine for injury are:

  • Competition Officials
  • Gym Owner/Coach from the team performing
  • Injured Individual
  • USASF Certified Safety Judge

An injured athlete may create a potential safety hazard because of the inability to hold, support, spot or catch. For the safety of all athletes competing, a routine may be interrupted if:

  • An athlete is clearly injured.
  • An athlete is questionably injured and does not resume their role in the routine within 5 seconds of questionable injury.
  • An athlete leaves the competition floor due to an injury.
  • Bio spill (vomit, blood)

In the event that a routine is interrupted due to injury, it will be at the Competition Officials’ discretion whether or not that team will be allowed to perform again at a later time.

Athlete Returning to Competition:

Decisions on whether an athlete can return to the performance floor after a routine interruption will be made immediately after the routine stop (within five minutes). In most cases, the athlete will not be able to return to the floor, including cases where the criteria for stopping a routine does not fall within the parameters of athlete injury. Other criteria apply. See below.

In the event of any of the following injuries during performance, the participant may not return to the competition for the remainder of the day, including any additionally planned routines (crossovers):

  • A suspected or confirmed head, neck, or back injury.
  • Partial or complete loss of consciousness (fainting, near-fainting, visible disorientation).
  • Fit (seizure) or any reason.
  • Suspected or confirmed broken bone or severe sprain.
  • Severe illness (i.e.- vomit, disorientation, collapse, etc.)
  • Any other injury that can worsen or create safety hazard for others if they perform again.
  • Any pre-existing injury in which the athlete, coach, medical team, competition director, or safety official deems significant enough to prevent further performance.
  • Any injury in which there is not proper time to determine the actual cause or nature of the injury within the five minute evaluation period before the team goes back to perform again.

If the above criteria do not apply, OR if the injury occurred during warm-up as opposed to performance, an injured athlete MAY be eligible to be considered for returning to the floor within certain parameters listed here. An injured participant may not return to the competition floor unless the competition officials receive clearance from all of the representatives listed below:

  • Event Medical Personnel attending to that participant
  • Parent/Guardian (if present)
  • Head Coach/Gym Owner of competing team
  • Event Director, Arena Director, and/or Head Judge

Team Re-Performance

In the event that a team is allowed to perform again following a routine interruption, the new performance time will be set immediately and is determined at the sole discretion of the Competition Director. Re-schedules will be done as swiftly as possible and will not have a full cycle to re-warmup. The team must (pending the injury’s impact on the routine) perform the routine again in its entirety, but judging will resume from the point at which the injury/interruption occurred as determined by the judges. All skills must be performed full-out from the beginning of the routine. All point deductions accumulated to that point (if any) will carry over.

If a team is permitted to perform again, but fails to perform the routine in its entirety (example: throwing back tucks instead of the full twist thrown in the original performance), it is at the discretion of the Competition Official how that team’s scores will be affected.


Legacy Cheer & Dance offers Dance divisions for Jazz, Pom, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical.

Full Dance division information can be found here.


Legacy Cheer & Dance offers Cheer divisions for All-Star teams and All-Star Prep, which is suited for School and Community Teams.

All Star Cheer divisions and age grids can be found here.

All Star Prep divisions and age grids can be found here.


Stunt Group divisions are available on limited basis and may vary per event. Check the event page for the specific event desired to determine if stunt groups are available at any given location.



Inclement Weather Policy

Although unlikely, it is possible that an event could be cancelled or postponed due to acts of nature, circumstances beyond our control, or other emergency. In such cases, our first efforts will be to make adjustments to maintain the event date. If that is not possible, the secondary effort will be to re-schedule the event for a later date or reasonable alternate location. A last resort would be to cancel the event and not re-schedule it.

If the venue is open, the competition is open. Legacy cannot and will not issue refunds for individuals who do not attend even when the venue has deemed it safe and reasonable to be open. Cases of extreme travel conditions may be handled on a case by case scenario for possible transfers, but are not likely and are not guaranteed. Transfers in that case would be considered on a team basis only via the coach or programme director, not an individual athlete basis.  In any event, the following standard protocol applies:


  1. The Venue and/or the Event Organiser will not be liable for any delay in performing, or failure to perform, its obligations under your agreement to compete or spectate
    1.   where such failure or delay arises as a direct result of a Force Majeure Event; and
    2.   the Affected Party has used all reasonable endeavours to minimise the impact of the Force Majeure Event on its ability to so perform.
  2. An Affected Party seeking to rely on the provisions of this clause may do so only if notice in writing to hello@legacycheeranddance.com, identifying the issue relied on and the date of its occurrence and its likely duration is given to the other Party within three (3) Business Days of the occurrence of the Force Majeure Event, or (in the case of the Event Organiser) where such Force Majeure Event arises within three weeks of the commencement of the Event.

In the unlikely event that Legacy cancels an event and it is not rescheduled, participants will receive a full refund for registration fees and spectator fees (minus any applicable venue or merchant fees) if they follow the protocol above to submit request in writing. Other fees related to the event such as travel, hotels, etc. are not included within the realm of compensation options and must be managed directly with the individual vendors or persons related to those transactions. 

In the event that an event is rescheduled or moved due to inclement weather or other circumstances beyond our control, it will be the team responsibility to adjust so they can attend accordingly. 

In case of inclement weather you can check our website at www.LegacyCheerandDance.com for weather updates, or call the venue directly. Again, if the venue is open, the event will go on. Please make any necessary travel arrangements so that you will not have any problems making it to the event on time. No special favors or performance times will be granted to those who arrive late for any reason (weather or otherwise). Please keep an eye on the local and national weather forecasts so that you are prepared for any inclement weather.


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