Regional Events

Legacy Regional competitions are a great way to get the season started and grow from there! Known for our excellent customer service and communication, you’ll always be relaxed and know what to expect even if you’re a first time coach, athlete, or spectator. You’ll get lots of valuable support and feedback from judges at these events so your team can find ways early in the season to get better every time they step onto the
competition floor. You’ll find all the Legacy basics here- Harlequin dance floor and full spring floor for competitors, Legacy games and prizes; relaxed and organized warm-up procedures; schedules that run on-time; great venues; knowledgeable, friendly staff who are ready to assist you every step of the way; and so much more. Plan early to get to a Legacy Regional Cheer & Dance Championship event early in the season for an economical way to get a high value event and make the most of your season.

Super Regional Cheer & Dance Championships

The Super Regional format is designed to be amplified from Regional events as a preparation for Nationals. You’ll find huge production value, bigger venues, and other enhanced elements of these events (varies by venue/location) that will really make a difference in how your programme experiences the entire weekend. These competitions feel almost like an all weekend long concert…only with trophies, bows, and you as the star!

*Note: DREAM EXTREME in March is a Super Regional for All-Star and Prep teams, but also carries the UNIVERSITY Nationals that same weekend in a Dual Arena format.

National Cheer & Dance Championships

This is the flagship event for the Legacy season where National Champions are crowned in Dance, Stunt Groups, All-Star Cheer and All-Star Prep (School/Community) divisions!

Legacy Nationals offers everything you’d see at a Super Regional event plus all the extras you’d expect at a Legacy National event. You’ll find enhanced warm-up experiences, beautiful classy awards like medals for every athlete, gorgeous trophies and banners, enhanced AV with world-class lighting and production, virtual coach meetings and parent welcome videos for early and stress-free preparation (varies from year to year) so everyone is prepared to have a great time on arrival! As we say at LIVE YOUR LEGACY…. “All of this is for you.”