Jamie Andries, Peyton Manning, Aly Calvo, Andrea Kulberg

(L to R: Aly, Peyton Mabry, Jamie Andries, Andrea)

A LOT has been happening behind the scenes at Legacy Cheer & Dance lately and we wanted to fill you in! So, here’s a “condensed” list of just a few of the items we’ve been working on this past month or two. Some of it is the “outside” work that you’ll see and expect from Legacy, and some of it is really the “behind-the-scenes” stuff you might never have thought about. In addition to Legacy projects, you’ll see reference to “The CheerLEAD Interactive (TCI)” as well. TCI is the leadership and education side of our work in the cheerleading industry where we spend time focused on leadership, mentorship, programme development, and education for athletes, coaches, and parents. Although the TCI platform started in the USA where we live, certain components of it will transfer to the Legacy TCI Coach Education training we will be launching very soon. We’ll update you on that more in a different article.

Here’s the quick list of what’s happening at Legacy… 

We launched the first CheerLEAD Interactive (TCI) leadership clinics with Matt Smith and Carly Manning as IMG_5231mentor athletes and instructors. We are big believers in effective athlete mentorship, which is different than chasing “cheerlebrities” around. (You’ll see we don’t even use the world “cheerlebrity” in our usual language for that very reason.)  The TCI programme is a great way to truly learn how to lead and how to effectively learn from mentor athletes, rather they are high-profile like Matt and Carly or simply a step above where you are in your development. 

We also just launched our TCI Live Parent Workshops, specifically designed to help parents get the most out of their experience with athletes taking part in cheer and dance. It was a great success! 

We held a comprehensive Staff Development workshop for a great gym in Canada. This was a follow-up they requested because they had great success with our online programme called FOCUS: High Performance Mindset Training for Cheer Athletes, Coaches, and Leaders. (Click here to learn more about FOCUS training)

We also were honored to present the opening keynote and instructional classes for the Cheer Evolution Coaches Conference in Niagara Falls. Very passionate coaches who understand a lot of the same challenges our UK coaches face every day.

We’re learning, as well… we just updated our current training for concussion safety. Watch for this element to be included in the Legacy TCI Coaches Training Course options. 

We’ve been very busy setting up Legacy Online Registration accounts for you as the applications come in.  And WOW! Its really a privilege to serve, help, and get to know so many of you already as you’ve signed up.  Thank you! Although most programmes don’t know which teams they will field yet for the 2014-15 season, it does help to set up the initial account now so they can be ready to go as soon as they select teams. Thanks again to the 100+ programmes who have already submitted your application for account approval! (Head coach/gym owners can apply for your account here.  It takes about 1 minute.)

We’ve been working with our AV team as well, selecting the right equipment and vendors for audio equipment, backdrops, lighting, and more. This makes a big difference in the experience you have, so we’re spending a lot of time on this to get it right.

We’re doing a lot of research on floors for cheer and dance– again, getting the right vendors, shipping logistics, insurance, storage, and staff logistics for setup and breakdown of the venues. 

We’re working directly with all of our venues on various parts of event production from traffic flow to catering and much more. All of these things might not be on your mind right now, but they will matter to you on competition day. Don’t worry… we’re taking care of things for you already!

We’ve started the internal education process for our scoring grids- which will in turn be presented to our Legacy family. We’re headed to Dallas, Texas next week for scoresheet specific training to ensure that when you’re with Legacy, your event producer and judges will be well trained and working within the most current industry standards.

What to expect from us in the coming months (in no particular order).

The main focus is training…:

Scoresheet training is coming soon. We’ve already developed some of the online training elements and will begin releasing them as soon as we’ve met with USASF experts in Dallas next week. Most, if not all, of this training will be free. PDF and video instruction will be available on our website and we’ll send an email to let you know when it’s posted. You’ll also see scoring for All-Star Prep (school/community teams) and Dance teams.

Legacy TCI Coach Training Course will launch soon. This is an extremely comprehensive fully insurable credentialing course. It is structured as a live workshop that includes specific elements of training that are not available anywhere else in the world, so we’re very excited to bring that to you. We’ll share those details with you when the programme is ready to launch. We know many of you are waiting for credentialing opportunities, and we look forward to sharing the awesome new ways of learning we have in store for you.

Legacy Judge Training. This course will be open to anyone who needs to know how routines are truly evaluated from the judges table. For those who take the course and wish to take steps towards becoming a judge, Legacy will offer an optional add-on certification programme.

Legacy Event Staff Training will happen closer to the first competition in November, so we’ll keep everyone in the loop on those opportunities at the appropriate time. 

This has been a long update– future updates will be much shorter. For now, we just wanted to get everyone on the same page as we’re preparing to start what is destined to be a historic season for UK Cheer & Dance. We are delighted to have each of you along with us for this amazing journey! Thanks for being a part of it all with us!

See you soon…
As always… we’re cheering you on! 

Aly, Andrea, and Team Legacy