Being Visionary does not require a crystal ball. It simply requires you to own your worth and act on it.~ @LegacyCheerUK 




If you’ve been following us for a while, you heard about Andrea’s latest eye surgeries a couple years ago. If not, in summary, Andrea has a prosthetic eye in her right eye, and about 20/400 vision in her left eye that is not correctable. Her eyes have been damaged her entire life, and although she overcame incredible odds to become a world champion athlete, cheerleader for The University of Texas, former NCA instructor and holds a place in the USASF/IASF Hall of Fame, she still cannot see to drive a car, read without special technology to help her, nor see anything in low light. But know this:  There is a huge difference between having physical eyesight, and being Visionary. And so here goes, our journey with you into a series of competitions and events in the UK….all built on what it means to truly experience a Visionary Life as a cheerleader, dancer, or coach, or cheer/dance parent….both inside the gym, and out. For today, your word is: Visionary.

Being Visionary doesn’t mean you need a crystal ball. It doesn’t require you to know all the right paths in life, or all the right steps. It simply requires that you own that you are intended for incredible things. You are here on purpose. And you have been given your own unique gifts and talents, and therefore, it is now your responsibility to use those gifts and talents to make your mark on this world.  That means you’ll be vulnerable at times. It means you will have to create boundaries just to make room for the things that truly matter. And it means you’ll have to master perspective, even amongst challenging times.

Question is… How will you use your life to impact others?

Your success this season, and forever, will not be measured by your trophies, jackets, or paycheck. It will not be measured by the number of friends you have, nor the number of fans or followers or likes. You’re life’s success will be measured to the extent of which you use your own talents to make a difference in this world.

With our eyes, we all will see the same sunrise. The same blue mat. The same teammates and same people in the room. But in the same circumstance as everyone else, the visionaries will choose to be fully present. They’ll not just go through the motions, but instead be on purpose about seizing opportunity to make someone smile. They’ll listen on purpose. They’ll make a choice to go against gossip and instead be compassionate when everyone else gets caught up on toxic chaos. The true visionaries will be humble. In the end, the true visionaries will see the same physical things with their eyes…. but they will make a meaningful impact by seeing and shining from their heart.

As an athlete, coach, director, or parent…. Are you ready to Be Visionary?

As always, cheering you on,

Aly & Andrea