Legacy Cheer and Dance is delighted to be an Official Bid Provider for

The Summit

and The Dance Summit!

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The Summit Championships

Bids for The Summit and The Dance Summit will be available at Live Your Legacy International Championships in June 2023. We know there will be bids for both cheer and dance, and we expect them to be evenly dispersed between the two. Specific number of bids and additional information will be published here when we have it.

When are The Summit Championships?

The Summit Championships 2024 - dates TBC

Legacy Cheer and Dance bids awarded in our 2023 season are intended for teams to compete at these international events in the 2024 season. This allows teams time to prepare for international travel.

Where do the events take place?

The Summit and The Dance Summit are held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex and surrounding locations at Disney World, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Who is eligible to earn a bid?

Cheer teams and Dance teams are eligible for a Summit bid, with additional specifications for eligibility forthcoming. In general, this event is for non-worlds divisions, but we will update this section with more specific details from the Event Producer once we have it. Here is what we have so far. 

Click here for general information about The Summit Championships. (Cheer teams)

Click here for eneral Info about the Dance Summit.

Note that information posted now is for the 2023 Summit, and Legacy bids awarded in 2023 will of course be for attending The Summit 2024. However, this is a good resource to give you reasonable expectation of what to expect for 2024, and will also be where coaches get their information for bid winners.

The following divisions are listed as eligible for the 2023 Summit. We anticipate 2024 will be the same. All teams have 10-24 members. 

U16 1

U18 1 

U16 2 

U18 2 

U16 3 

U18 3 

U18 Coed 3 

U16 4 

U16 Coed 4 


U18 Coed 4 

Int. Open 4 

Int. Open Coed 4 

Dance divisions are eligible, as well. The following is what is currently published on the Summit page for 2023. Note these are USASF age categories, so you'll need to reference those age grids to define rosters for teams who will compete at this event in 2024. For now, this is the posted division list:

Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior:

Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pom, Contemporary/Lyrical, Kick, and Variety

Senior and Open:


Please watch the linked Summit pages for updates for International teams. 

How many bids will Legacy Cheer and Dance be giving?

Legacy will award bids for The Dance Summit and bids for The Summit (cheer teams). We are awaiting further information and specifics related to the number of bids available, and that information will be updated here when we have it.

A Note From Legacy Cheer and Dance About Bids:

At Legacy Cheer and Dance, we believe that every competition experience should be a positive, personalized experience that adds overall value to the lives of our athletes, coaches, families, and supporters. That’s true for each of our events in the UK, and it also holds true for when we open opportunities for our teams to compete in America.

If attending any event abroad (including bid events that we are sharing here) is a hardship that an athlete, family, or gym is not yet ready to take on, we highly encourage you to PAUSE on travel. This allows you to recover or build financial resources as well as take time to grow your skills competing in the UK.

We feel this is ethically critical for us as the bid provider to note this perspective because there is a great deal of social pressure to travel to events abroad, especially destination events like Florida. However, even with paid bids, there is still a significant financial investment involved in competing abroad.

Our goal in providing bids is to support teams who are truly ready to go in terms of skills and financial preparedness so that we don’t lose families and athletes from our sport when they can’t afford to continue. The bid event trips are truly wonderful, and they certainly have a place in the positive international development of our sport, but it also relies on families, athletes, and gyms to define when they’re ready and when the process will serve them rather than drain them.

Please know that we support ALL of our teams, so let’s work together to celebrate all teams, travel or not.