RegChamp Video Tutorial

Register for an Event

Once you have added all your athletes (Participants) to your Master Roster and created all of your Teams and Small Groups (Stunt Groups), then you are ready to Register for an Event. This video shows you how to add your Teams and Stunt Groups to the Event you wish to attend.

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Quick Instructions:

Assuming your have added all your athletes to your Master Roster AND created your Teams:

  1. Go to Events in the left hand menu. 
  2. Choose Go! for the event you wish to enter. 
  3. Use the dropdown list to select one of the teams you want to add to this event and click IMPORT team
  4. Select the division the team is entering into and click Save
  5. Click Done and repeat the process for all additional teams you want to add for this event. 
  6. Use the same process but on the Small Group & Indiv tab to register Stunt Groups. 
  7. Click on the Invoice tab at the far right to review your submitted entries. 

Note that entries are only confirmed for an event once payment in full is received.