At Legacy, We Believe it is Bigger than Cheerleading and Dance Competitions


We'reĀ On Deck for You...

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From wherever you are in your journey, we invite you to experience cheer and dance in a whole new way! Join us forĀ the 2024 Legacy Cheer and Dance CompetitionĀ Season in the United Kingdom.

We build Leaders for Lifeā„¢!

Our Journey

We built Legacy in 2013, and hosted our first competition a year later in November 2014. From the start, we were not your average competition provider. We knew competitive cheer and dance had a lot more than physical skills to offer for our athletes, coaches, parents, families, and supporters. We knew that when it is experienced as it should be, this sport changes lives. So, we made it our mission to bring those gifts out in every person with whom we have the privilege of knowing. That's why we are so purposeful in our ethos.

For us, it's always been bigger than cheerleading and dance. That's why we are called Legacy. That's why our company tag line is "Building Leaders for Life". That's truly our "why". It's what we do.

Our founders, Aly Calvo and Andrea Kulberg, have been a part of competitive cheer and dance for over 35 years, as elite athletes, coaches, educators, event producers, industry leaders, and cheer parents. They know very well that it's not enough to go through the motions to just chase trophies, banners, and accolades. For them, and for the entire staff at Legacy Cheer and Dance, it's about the people, the lives we touch, and the impact we can make to bring good to our sport and the world around us.

It is personal development as much as it is physical development. It is finding the life lessons of the sport and the gifts of the sport to make those things last far longer than the bright lights and sparkly uniforms. At Legacy, it is about being on purpose to build a Legacy everyone can remember and be proud of.

Over the years, Legacy grew from strength to strength to become the standard for excellence in event production. It's just a fun place to be, where everyone matters, everyone is welcome, and everyone is valued and appreciated. We are known for everything from our relaxed process in warmup, exciting venues and production for spectators, simplified lives for coaches, excellent customer service, and so much more. And, we literally have an official "no stress policy" because whatever it is, we are always on a mission to help you enjoy your experiences with us, online and in person.

You'll find joy in our "Team Legacy" event staff, who LOVE what they do and are genuinely thrilled to see you. And through our growth, we most certainly hold gratitude knowing it is you who make it all possible. If you are learning with us in our personal development courses, workbooks, or coach credentialing, or if you're joining us for live competitions, we see you, we thank you for being part of our Legacy Family, and we lift you up in support every day.

As always, we're cheering you on!

Aly, Andrea, and the entire Legacy Staff Family