RegChamp Video Tutorial

Add Athletes/Participants to Build Your Master Roster

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Take note of birthdate instructions on the video.

Capitalisation and spelling matters! Use proper case for First Name, Last Name, check spelling, and especially double check birthdates for accuracy.

Note parents emails are no longer required as individual athlete waivers are no longer required. 

Quick Instructions:

  1. Login to RegChamp
  2. Download Roster template spreadsheet (from Homepage slider or in blue Tips section on Participants page)
  3. Enter all your athlete data accurately into the spreadsheet and save.
  4. Double check that the DOB field in the spreadsheet is formatted correctly (dd/mm/yyyy without the * at the start).
  5. Go to Participants in the left hand menu.
  6. Click on Add Participants and Upload the excel file.
  7. Match the RegChamp fields to your Excel fields.
  8. Continue & check the data, then Submit (as long as no errors).