Mark athlete as 'Alternate'

If you have an athlete who is a reserve, or perhaps you have an athlete who is injured and can no longer compete but still wants to access the event with their athlete band, you can mark the athlete as an 'alternate', which means they don't count towards the number of athletes on the team for scoring, but they will still get an athlete band and athlete access/benefits at the event. (*Note alternate athletes must still be paid for at standard athlete entry rates)

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Quick Instructions:

  1. Login to RegChamp.
  2. Go to Events in the left hand menu.
  3. Click Go! on the event you wish to amend an athlete in.
  4. For the relevant team, click on the View or Delete button in the View Members column.
  5. Next to the relevant athlete, click the Mark button.
  6. The athlete should now show as 'Marked' and will have '(Alt)' next to their name.