RegChamp Video Tutorial

Change Division for a Registered Team

If a team entered for an event has the wrong division applied, this is how you can change it.

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Quick Instructions:

  1. Go to the relevant Event from the Home screen or via the left hand menu.
  2. On the Team Competition tab, find the relevant team that needs to change division.
  3. Click on the Select button under the Divisions heading.
  4. Click on the Change button at the right hand side.
  5. Select the new division and click Update.
  6. If the type of division is also changing (e.g. Cheer to Dance, or Allstar Elite to IASF), then you need to first change the team type, via the Change Overall Type button at the bottom of the screen, before changing the division.
  7. If the change is after the Event Registration Deadline, you need to instead submit a Change Request Form.