RegChamp Video Tutorial

View Your Invoice, or Make Changes to Existing Entry

Your Legacy RegChamp system saves as you go. That means your invoice is always up to date. This video explains how to view that invoice or how to make changes, if needed.

If you have credit and want us to apply your credit to your entry, Click Here to let us know you're ready for an updated invoice.

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Quick Instructions:

To view your latest invoice:

  1. From the Home Page when you login, click on the Invoice button next to the relevant event (events only show here once you have clicked to register for them).
  2. Or, go to Events in the left hand menu, then click Go! for the relevant event, and click the Invoice tab at the far right.

To make changes to your entry (prior to the Final Deadline):

  1. From the Home page when you login, click on the green button showing the event ID number, OR, go to Events in the left hand menu and click Go! for the relevant event.
  2. Use the Add button to add additional athletes; the View or Delete button to remove athletes; and the Select button in the 'Divisions' column to amend or assign a division for the team.
  3. To make changes to Stunt Groups, go to the Small Group & Indiv tab and you will see the same buttons there too.