RegChamp Video Tutorial

Add Staff and/or Coaches and add information for Green Light approval

Your Legacy RegChamp system will request you enter your Coach and Staff information. Please ensure this is accurate for each event, as it impacts coach passes, Green Light, scoresheet delivery, and more.

Coaches must be linked to an Event in order to be reviewed for Green Light and thus issued coaches passes - please make sure to follow all the steps in this video.

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Quick Instructions:

To add the staff person initially:

  1. Go to Staff & Others in the left hand menu.
  2. Click the ADD a Staff person button.
  3. Fill out the form - if you are ready to, add their DBS information by uploading a document or entering it in the Notes field (see here for full Green Light requirements), or you can return and add this later - then click Submit.
  4. Once the person is added here, you can add them to an Event using the steps below.
  5. If you didn't yet add their Green Light data, click the Edit button to add this later.

Note that adding an email for coaches is optional, however if you want them to receive scoresheets during live events, make sure this is included.

Adding coaches to teams - Option One:

  1. Go to Teams & Specialties in the left hand menu.
  2. Next to the team you want to add a Coach for, click +Add in the Coach column.
  3. Select the coach from the dropdown.

Adding coaches to teams - Option Two:

  1. As you create build your Teams in your RegChamp account (see here for how to do that), add the coaches details during that process.

Double check all coaches are added to the event by going to Docs, Reports & Results and click on Participants & Waivers. The coaches listed on this page are the ones assigned to the Event.