Green Light is mandatory for all coaches (excluding junior coaches who are also athletes) to obtain event credentials and access Legacy events as a coach, including warm up areas. Green Light approved coaches will receive a Legacy Green Light Approved Coaches Card that they must carry at every Legacy event they attend. Coaches must also provide an ID photo which is checked upon entry to Warm Up. Thus, credentials may not be passed amongst others.

Every individual coach aged 16+ (excluding junior coaches) must achieve Green Light status in order to receive coaches passes granting full access to the Event.

All required Green Light data must be added to RegChamp by the Event Green Light Deadline in order to be eligible for review. See the individual Event Pages for deadline dates.

See below the simple steps to achieve Green Light, and our guidance on what Gyms/Programmes should be looking for when submitting their Green Light verification data.

Simple Steps to Achieve Green Light Status:


Teams must first enter their coaching staff details into Legacy’s RegChamp system. Registration for an event is not required to do this – however please note that Coaches will not be processed for Green Light verification until they have been added to an Event Entry in the current season. Click here for instructions on how to add Coaches to an Event Entry.


In the Staff section, for each coach you must include:

  • Full Name - First and Last
  • Gender
  • Primary Role (e.g. Director, Coach, Assistant)
  • A clear headshot photo
  • Details of their DBS/PVG Certificate, including the type, Certificate Number and Certificate Issue Date - see below for exact requirements. This can either be uploaded as a scanned document OR details provided in the Notes field for each coach.
  • Email address is optional, but if you want the coach to receive scoresheets on event day, then their email needs to be entered here.


Coach Headshot Photos are MANDATORY- DO NOT SKIP THIS! On the Staff page in RegChamp, click to ‘Add’ a Headshot Photo for each Staff Person. Criteria:

  • A recent photo with no other persons visible. Clear and well lit. The picture must clearly identify the individual. 
  • Head and shoulders/chest only in the photo – no full body and no close up of face only.  
  • No hats, sunglasses, etc.
  • The file must be less than 1MB in size.

Photos will be accessible to Legacy Staff in Warm Up (and other key staff throughout the venue) and will be checked during events against Coach Credentials to ensure Green Light Approved coaches are identified accurately. 

DBS / PVG Guidelines

In order to be accepted for Green Light, DBS/PVG checks must meet the following requirements:

  • Certificate is an Enhanced DBS Disclosure for the Child Workforce or a PVG Scheme certificate for the Child Workforce.
  • If the DBS Update Service/PVG Short Record Scheme is being used, it should be linked to an original Certificate that meets the same requirements as above.

Cheerleading Gyms/Programmes should ensure they view the original certificate document for their coaching staff, to ensure it is legitimate. For coaching staff subscribed to the Update Service, the Gym/Programme should be viewing both the original certificate, to ensure it's type and authenticity, AND view the updated information via the Status Checking Service.

For clarity, we cannot accept:

  • Basic or Standard DBS Disclosures.
  • Enhanced Disclosure certificates from Disclosure Scotland (as these are not to the same level as the English Enhanced DBS Disclosure - Scotland's PVG scheme is the only equivalent).
  • Just the Update Service subscription details without details of the original certificate it is connected to.
  • Any disclosure certificate that is only for the Adult workforce.


Exactly what to upload to RegChamp for each Coach:

  • A clear scanned image of the certificate, which meets the criteria above*; OR
  • Text in the 'Notes' field detailing the Certificate Type, Issue Date and Certificate number, which meets the above criteria (E.g. "Enhanced DBS for Child Workforce, issued 13/02/2021, number: 001673511838" or "PVG Membership number 2102 2475 2471 6304 for work with children, issued 18/01/2021"; OR
  • Where the Update Service applies: A clear scanned image of the Update Service Status Check result OR text in the 'Notes' field confirming original Certificate details and Update Service check, which meets the above criteria. (E.g. "Enhanced DBS for Child Workforce, issued 13/02/2018, number: 001673511838, with Update Service Subscription that has been status checked on 12/09/2022".

Note: University Coaches or coaches who ONLY coach teams where ALL athletes are over 18 years of age, are not required to have DBS/PVG Certification. In this instance, for these individuals the following should be entered in the Notes field, for approval: "I am a University/Open Age Coach and coach only athletes over 18 years of age. I am therefore not required to have a DBS/PVG Certificate."

*NOTE re uploading DBS certificates: All DBS certificates uploaded are held temporarily only. They are immediately deleted upon Green Light approval by designated Legacy Staff. We DO NOT hold this data after we have seen it for approval and there is no back up.

Approval Process

After the Event Green Light Deadline date, all coaches that are linked to the event (i.e. assigned to a team competing at the event) will be reviewed for Green Light. As long as all required information is uploaded by the deadline, the Green Light status will be reviewed, and if all criteria is met, approved.

Once coaches are approved, you will see an approval date appear next to their name in the Staff section of your RegChamp account:

Where coaches are missing required information, the main account contact will be emailed with details of what is outstanding and given a deadline to upload it by. Any coaches who do not have the required information uploaded by the deadline will not eligible for a Green Light Approved pass, and may therefore have restrictions on access at the Event.

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