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Legacy Cheer and Dance is proud to produce The CheerLEAD Interactive™ (TCI).
The best online cheer coaching course for Levels 1 and 2!


The CheerLEAD Interactive™ Coach Credentialing Course is fully insurable and the most comprehensive Level 1-2 Course online, featuring:

  • The Keys of Coaching FUNdamentals, including The Business of Coaching & Various Roles, Athlete Preparation & Mindset, and World Class Leadership lessons.
  • Everything you need to begin teaching Level 1 Stunts & Tumbling.
  • Everything you need to begin teaching Level 2 Stunts, Tumbling and Tosses.


Getting started has never been easier - it's at your own pace, from the comfort of your own screen. SAVE your travel costs, childcare fees, and time away from home by earning your TCI ™ Level 1-2 Credential online!

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The CheerLEAD Interactive™ (TCI) includes:

  • Extensive Training Videos for each lesson topic
  • Worksheets for learning and applying the things that matter to you
  • Coaching Exercises to APPLY what you are learning in real scenarios
  • Quizzes to measure your understanding along the way
  • Ongoing Resources and helpful links
  • Safe spaces for comments, questions, collaboration, and clarification while you learn
  • Written Final Exam
  • Phone/Video Conference Exit Exam
  • Digital Certificate upon Passing all Curriculum*
  • Learn at your own pace, via computer, iPad or mobile device (computer recommended), without travel fees, childcare or weekends away
  • Fully insurable
  • Valid for 3 years

*Ages 13-15 receive a digital (printable) Certificate of Completion

*Ages 16+ receive a digital Certificate of Credential that is fully insurable upon completion of course, passing written final exam, and the exit interview.

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Credentials are valid for 3 years and fully insurable. This is bigger than just stunts and tumbling...

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Your Course Instructors

Andrea Kulberg & Aly Calvo


We've been involved in the sport for 35 years as athletes, coaches, event producers, industry leaders, and cheer parents. We've written curriculum and/or trained coaches in several major coach certification programmes over those years, and we've trained coaches at live coach conferences around the world. And now, we'd love to serve you with a TCI credentialing course online as you grow in your coach education!


I found the course super helpful. I study medicine at university and a lot of the time I’m on placement and in the hospital so I found it so helpful to do the course at my own pace and when I have time. I have done cheer for a long time and I learned a lot from the videos and feel a lot better informed even though I felt like I knew a lot!


University Team, from near Bristol

I found this course really insightful and useful for my Cheerleading. Not only is it useful from a coaching perspective it will also help me personally to advance my own cheer skills using the resources available. It has also helped me in ways outside of cheer by giving me great tips on leadership and risk assessments.


University Team, from near London

Really enjoyed the course thank you! I found it very informative especially on tumbles section.


University Team, from near Lancaster

I found this course really accessible and well laid out. It led me through the different elements of what it takes to be a good coach as well as all the skills and tips really well and it was easy to understand as well as learn from.


University Team, from near Lancaster

I'm Ready to Start my Online Learning!

I enjoyed the interactive sections which allowed me to fill out my own forms – such as breakdown stunts to teach someone else. If this was someone who had never done cheer before and was taking this course, I feel they would have all the relevant information needed to do a good job 😊


University Team, from near Norwich

The whole process was really straightforward and easy. I found all the materials provided very clear and super helpful! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel uplifted myself having taken part. I’m leaving it confident in my abilities, knowledge and approach as a coach and I am excited to put it all into practice. Thank you!!


University Team, from near Southampton

I found the course incredibly insightful and it has made me feel so much more confident in how I coach and I look forward to using what I have learned to help shape some amazing young children into incredible cheerleaders. Thank you to everyone at Legacy cheer and danced thank you especially Aly and Andrea.


University Team, from near Bournemouth

It was a fantastic experience and being able to do it without travelling was fantastic. As well as the depth that was covered was awesome and really enhanced my knowledge :)


University Team, from near London

A fantastic learning experience where I learnt many new things. Very fun to learn and the course was very enjoyable. Looking forward to learning more in the future.


University Team, from near Dundee

I really enjoyed my experience with Legacy, they make the course so interactive and fun. It was engaging and I am so glad I chose to learn the ways of cheer through them!


University Team, from near Kent

I'm Ready to Start my Online Learning!

I just wanted to say that I found the course to be amazing it was such a positive experience and very informative and overall very enjoyable. I want to thank you for the experience.


from near Paisley

I absolutely loved this course and definitely feel it is the most holistic approach to coaching and I massively appreciate all the tips and tricks for being a great coach as well as the syllabus itself.


Allstar Team, from near London

Thanks for all the material and support. Overly excited to begin learning again after so long and fired up to take knowledge and new skills to classes. Once again thanks and we hope we can get to a Legacy comp next year!


Allstar Team, from near Manchester

Excellent course with understanding coaches. Very informative and the feedback comment section on the assignments/course was very insightful and helpful. PDF downloads were incredibly helpful and I will definitely use these when coaching a team. No complaints.


University Team, from near Kent

I just wanted to say that this course has been amazing! The amount of content in this course is incredible and will be so helpful in the future. The layout of the course with the Coach It Assignments is also really useful in backing up what we are learning along the way. Thank you so much!!


University Team, from near Penrith

This was a fab course which was accessible even over Christmas and lockdown. I could it at my own time and utilising opportunities at the gym to practice, try out and see the work on action. The videos were a great resource and help add value to the teaching. Thank you!


Allstar Team, from near Swindon

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

I really enjoyed taking the course, during Covid times it really helped to be able to access the material online and watch videos that explained each of the components. I found it extremely helpful to be able to go back through some of the material to remind myself and the format allows for that. It is great to have access to the resources and to know that in the future I can get back in touch if I feel the need.


School Team, from near Edinburgh

I have had an amazing experience on this course and learned so much especially to do with new rules and grips I previously didn’t know. The communication and support has made it such a fun experience thank you and I know that I have a great network to reach out to going forward.


Allstar Team, from near Stirling

I have really loved the course, especially all the videos and Coach It assignments. I liked how some of the quizzes gave you a detailed answer of all of the things that you should have been looking out for, so it really helped consolidate the information. I also liked having the pdfs to refer back to as all the information was in one place.


University Team, from near Southampton

The course was fantastic and the homeworks and videos were super helpful when it came to learning.


University Team, from near Edinburgh<

I have found this course very enjoyable and have learnt a lot about level 1 and 2 coaching that can help me in the future.


Allstar Team, from near Cardiff

I really enjoyed my course and I really appreciated the level of detail in the course, especially as it is online.


University Team, from near Ipswich

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

This coaching course has been such a helpful tool in developing my career with Cheerleading. I am a Captain of a University team and is has given me the right skills and credentials in order to teach my athletes in a safe, and correct way. It has provided me the stepping stones to be able to be not only a great captain, but a great role-model for my team as it has a very inspiring introduction that covers not only health and safety, but also how to be a good coach. Aly and Andrea are very responsive in any trouble you may be having with the course, and the material is very useful for present and future coaching as it takes into account that this sport is forever changing and developing by pointing you in the direction of where to find up to date information on legalities. I highly recommend this course for people who want a flexible learning experience where you can take it at your own speed, particularly for university students/captains as it is affordable and provides you with all the information you will need to lead your team.


University Team, from near Winchester

My experience with the coaching course overall was really enjoyable, I found it very straight forward and any questions I had were answered. It was a fun course and all the information was provided for any of the exams, I really enjoyed it.


Allstar Team, from near Cardiff

The interactive format for the TCI Credentialing provided me with the skills and confidence in my coaching and in myself during lockdowns, and I am ready for getting back in the gym. I found this course very insightful and I am excited to put what I have learned into practice!


University Team, from near Bristol

I loved the PDFs they were so helpful and saved time taking notes. Felt like I could listen and understand instead of spending hours on notes. Overall amazing course


University Team, from near London

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

Thank you so much again for a fun but educating way of receiving my credentials! So much support and guidance throughout from all the staff! Thank you.


University Team, from near Cardiff

This course was really detailed and I really enjoyed it all! Thank you!


Allstar Team, from near Newcastle

I loved the course!


University Team, from near Sheffield

It was a great course, loved the different type of activities and being able to watch different clips to see how to correct them. Overall was a great experience would definitely recommend and do again.


Allstar Programme, from near Lowestoft

I loved the course because I learnt new things about protecting the athletes and I learnt new terminology. I also loved the video clips to help you identify mistakes, and also the questions you had to answer when going along the course.


Allstar Programme, from near Lowestoft

I thoroughly enjoyed this course! I found it to be very helpful in providing knowledge for coaches to progress and become great leaders!


University Team, from near Newcastle-upon-Tyne

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

I would definitely recommend the TCI Course for levels 1-2! It is such an interactive and engaging course even though it’s online. The course is made up of videos, documents and so many ways to test the knowledge you learn and how to coach it. Massive thank you to Andrea and Aly!!


University Team, from near York

Fabulous course! I got to go through everything in my own time and the videos really helped. I made the mistake of rushing through the first time but it showed in my score but I got a second chance to take my time and read through the materials again to improve my score! Definitely recommend this course.


University Team, From near Lancaster

I really enjoyed this course, especially because I was able to work through all of the content at my own pace, whenever I had time to. I’ve found course is very welcoming and encouraging, as well as personal even though it’s online!


Allstar Programme, from near Lowestoft

I am so impressed with this course. I have a wide knowledge of cheerleading and I felt like I learnt so many new things about cheerleading and how to be an successful coach. This course has helped me to gain the confidence in my coaching ability as well as taught me the areas I need to work on the most. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to become a coach regardless off their knowledge of cheer.


From near Chester

I really enjoyed the course and have taken many things I learnt from it into the club. I loved the fact I was able to do this course in my own time from the comfort of my home. It was really engaging and I looked forward to logging in each day to continue to learn. I really couldn’t recommend this course enough and am so glad this opportunity came up during lockdown.


Allstar Programme, from near Staines-upon-Thames

The course was a great way to learn level 1 and 2 coaching, it gave me so much to learn from, and Iwas extremely happy with how it was run and it was very easy to use! It inspired me to be the best coach I can be, so thank you so much!


Allstar Programme, from near Rhondda

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

After having completed my level 1 and 2 with legacy, it has helped me to understand how to teach and correct athletes when stunting and tumbling by improving my confidence when it comes to corrections or giving instructions. It has also helped with going into depth about how to plan training sessions and point out where athletes may need more help and support during skills. It has also made it clear as to what skills are allowed in levels 1 and 2. Overall it has been an amazing experience and a very easy process to go through.


University Team, from near Norwich

I really enjoyed the course and felt it was excellent at outlining the team management aspects of being a coach such as child protection and conflict management. Additionally, the world class leadership section of the course was very interesting and thought provoking. The comments section throughout the course were answered regularly, making it easy to have questions answered swiftly. Also, the exit interview with the course leaders was a lovely personal touch, I really enjoyed the conversation we had. Overall, the course suited my needs perfectly and it was thorough yet enjoyable.


University Team, From near Swindon

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to both Aly and Andrea for such an informative and enjoyable course. The fact I was able to do it from my bedroom during such an unprecedented time made my life 10x easier without having to worry about a course being cancelled! I am so excited to start coaching my university team next week and I know if I ever need any help or have any questions I can log back into the course to find the answers / use the PDF’s that were given to us. Thank you again so much, and hopefully I’ll see you at a Legacy comp in the near future!


University Team, From near Newcastle

I thought the course was perfect for me as a university coach. The whole process felt so personal and not that it was a course for just anyone to do. The slow motions videos of stunts and tumbles to correct were super helpful. I feel super confident now going into this year hopeful that all competitions will be able to go ahead Thank you guys so much <3


University Team, From near York

The course was so easy to follow and so interesting! The videos were a great way to see everything we had learnt and apply it to a physical situation! The information was all very clear and there was so much detail! The print outs were so helpful, especially with the tumble drills as I take these to all training sessions with me now! Thank you for this great course!


University Team, from near Walsall

I really enjoyed it, lots of information, liked the variety of questions on the final exam so it wasn’t all multiple choice and gave an opportunity to give more detail.


University Team, from near Rotherham

I'm Ready to Start My Online Learning!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful course!


University Team, from near Stafford

I thought that the course was wonderful and the videos were very helpful, especially the Now Coach It ones for tumbling and stunting where we had to give corrections.


University Team, From near Southampton

I really enjoyed the course! It was very engaging and I can’t wait to continue my journey as a coach.


University Team, from near London

I’d like to say how much I enjoyed this course. I found it super helpful and it was full of great techniques. As someone who has cheered her whole life, but only just become a coach, I found so many new techniques and pieces of advice to use in my future lessons. I really found this course helpful and even learnt something new in the exit interview! All my questions have been answered for now, either in the comment section (which is a very useful and effective touch), from the course itself and from the exit interview with Aly. Thank you guys again, this was very useful and I will keep all my resources near to me for the remainder of my time as a coach. I can’t recommend this enough!


University Team, from near Wigan

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