Scroll down for everything you need to knowĀ about entering and competing at Legacy Cheer and Dance events.

Registering for Events


Details for each event in the coming season are on the event page:

Stand Strong
Just Believe
Dream Extreme
Alpha & Omega
Live Your Legacy


Registration for our events is via a system called RegChamp. You can access the Legacy RegChamp system, HERE.

Each cheerleading or dance Programme needs to create a RegChamp account. An account should only be used to register teams from a single cheerleading or dance programme. 

You can find guidance and instructions for all the key elements of RegChamp HERE. If you still require further assistance, please reach out via email at [email protected].

If you have competed with Legacy before, we recommend you 'clean up' your RegChamp account at the beginning of each new season, to make it easier for you when adding your new season teams and event entries. Check out our New Season Setup Guide for step-by-step instructions!

Click HERE for full details of Event Registration Policies, including fees, how to make changes, and more.


All teams to be entered must meet the requirements of the SportCheer UK Age Grid for the current season. CLICK HERE for the latest version from the SportCheer England website.

Legacy offers all divisions in the SportCheer UK Grid, except for Individual/Solo divisions. The exception is Alpha & Omega which will be for School and University divisions only. Note that Stunt Group divisions may be run virtually, depending on event capacity. See each individual event page for details.


All coaches/staff attending the event (excluding Junior Coaches who are also competing athletes at the same event) need to be registered as Coaches within the RegChamp system AND assigned to the Event. Instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Coaches may attend events free at a ratio of 1 coach per 12 competing athletes. Coaches above this ratio will incur a fee per coach.

Junior Coaches who are also competing athletes at the same event should NOT be registered as Coaches within the RegChamp system. They will be able to gain access to the Warm Up area using their athlete wristband and will NOT be issued coaches credentials.

If a junior coach is attending an event where they are not competing as an athlete, then they should be registered as a coach via RegChamp in the usual manner and may be subject to fees accordingly.


Payment must be recieved by Legacy on or before the relevant payment deadlines for each event, as per the dates specified on each event page.

CLICK HERE to view our detailed payment and registration policies, including how to pay, fees for registration amendments, etc.


Make sure that family and friends of your programme are able to come along and watch the action!

Spectator tickets can be ordered individually by each spectator or viaĀ one Group Order submitted by the Gym/Programme.

Individual spectators tickets can be ordered via the Legacy Store.

Group spectator ticket orders and/or postage for wristbands can be placed HERE.

We highly recommend pre-ordering your Spectator Tickets online well in advance. Ticket Sales close the week prior to each event. You may purchase on the door, but online advance purchase is the only way to guarantee rates and availability.

Full details of our Spectator Ticket policies and information can be found HERE.

We also recommend you share our Parents PageĀ with your athletes families, as this page contains all the important information they will need to know to best prepare for each of our Events.


By default, Athlete Wristbands will be available for collection as a package from the Coach Check-In Desk at the competition.

Coaches who wish to have their athlete and/or Group Order spectator wristbands posted to them in advance of the event may order this as a separate process. The postage option is available as part of your group ticket order, which can be placed HERE.

Deadline: You must place your Postage order no later than 30 days prior to the event. Postage is optional. If you choose not to pay for postage, or if you miss the deadline, your Group Order will be waiting for you at Coach Check-In on event day.

Need to Know: Before & During Your Legacy Event


Coaches in your programme will need to be approved for Green Light before they can be issued a coaches pass for an Event.

Green Light is our system to promote safeguarding within the sport of Cheerleading and Dance. It is the Legacy expectation that all gyms and studios are already doing this within their own staff and leadership in the interest of child protection all year round. 

CLICK HERE for full details on Green Light requirements for the current season. This page includes guidance on Best Practice protocols for your Gym, what documentation is required, and how to upload the required information to our RegChamp system, and exactly what is required for each type of coach (e.g. Uni Coaches, Junior Coaches, etc).

CLICK HERE for instructions on how to correctly upload your Staff members details to RegChamp and assign them to Events.


Make sure you are fully acquainted with and understand our Competition Rules & Regulations. Not adhering to these rules could result in being unable to compete with us, or in rare cases, revokal of awards. Adhering to the rules means a Fun and Safe event for everyone!


You can find full details of how we score at our competitions on our Scoring page, HERE.


You can find full details of what bids are available, eligibility, etc, on our Bids pages. See here for Worlds Bids info and here for Summit Bids info.


To help with your planning and choreography, here are details of our competition flooring specifications.

CHEER FLOOR: 9 panels of black foam-backed carpet, on top of a sprung wooden deck. Each carpet panel is 6ft wide. The total floor dimensions are 54ft wide by 42ft deep. The edge of the floor is surrounded by angled foam pads creating a 'ramp' effect up from the ground. Note this 'ramp' is soft so will 'give' under heavy load. The foam edging is additional to 54x42ft size of the floor. The centre of the floor is in the middle of the centre panel.

DANCE FLOOR: 8 panels of matte black vinyl dance floor, on top of a sprung wooden deck. Each vinyl panel is 2 metres wide (6.5ft). The total floor dimensions are 54ft wide and 42ft deep - there is a shiny white edging to the floor that sits on top of the black floor - this takes up approx. 60cm on all 4 edges of the floor - there is no penalty for dancers stepping on this white section. The edge of the floor is surrounded by angled foam pads creating a 'ramp' effect up from the ground. Note this 'ramp' is soft so will 'give' under heavy load. The foam edging is additional to 54x42ft size of the floor. The centre of the floor is on a line between the two centre panels.


If you have any Safeguarding questions, want information about how to respond to concerns you have about a child (either at our events, or generally), or wish to flag a concern, head to our Legacy Safe Page for all the information you need. You may also like to share this page with your athletes and families.